(An Institution of ICARE)
Sector-13, Haldia Township, Dist. Purba Medinipur
Phone (03224) 266944

The institute is established by ICARE with due approval of West Bengal Board of Primary Education to impart the training necessary to become Primary Teachers in due course.

The curriculum of Primary Teachers’ Training Institute is divided into four broad sections namely :


1. Knowledge based area
2. Skill based area and contents and methodology of primary textbooks
3. Practical subjects works and practice teaching and
4. Compulsory optional subjects for acquiring knowledge in different areas of primary education.
5. Computer familiarization programme for all the students (not for exam.)

Duration of the course

The duration of the courses of studies including examinations in a Primary Teachers’ Training Institute shall be of one year generally from 1st July to 30th June.

Admission procedure :

Merit list to be prepared by West Bengal Board of Primary Education (WBBPE). Applications are to be sent directly to the WBBPE for which they will advertise in all leading news papers normally in the month of March every year.


Tuition Fee: 1800 x 4 instl. = Rs. 7200/-
Development fee: 2000 + 1000 x 3 instl. = Rs. 5000/-
Admission fee: 200/- one time = Rs. 200/-
Laboratory fee: 250 x 4 instl. = Rs. 1000/-
Magazine fee: 150/- one time = Rs. 150/-
Library fee: 200/- one time = Rs. 200/-
Sports & Games fee: 200/- one time = Rs. 200/-
Excursion fee: 300/- one time = Rs. 300/-
Fan, Elect. & Tel. phone charges: = Rs. 250/-
Computer fees : 500/- one time = Rs. 500/-

TOTAL = Rs. 15,000/-
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